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Rosewood London Wedding - a celebration filled with a zest for Life, Love and Laughter

A wedding is a special occasion that brings together loved ones to celebrate the union of two souls. When it comes to creating a magical atmosphere for such a momentous day, the Rosewood London proves to be an exceptional venue. With its stunning architecture and impeccable service, this luxurious hotel provided the perfect backdrop for a wedding that was filled with love and laughter throughout. Let's dive into the details and relive the enchanting moments of this unforgettable celebration.

Bespoke Bar

The room's design was a true testament to the couple's vision, curated with care and attention to detail by Lucy. The chosen white and green colour palette infused the space with a sense of freshness and elegance. Drawing inspiration from nature, hints of the outdoors were brought inside the basement ballroom, creating an enchanting ambiance that captivated the guests from the moment they entered.

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At the heart of the ceremony, the chuppah stood as a symbol of the couple's commitment and the beginning of their journey together. Designed by the exceptionally talented Amie Bone Flowers, the chuppah was a breath-taking display of florals and foliage. Bursting with the couples chosen colour palette and delicate blooms, it added an ethereal touch to the surroundings, evoking a sense of romance and joy.

Chuppah set up

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Chuppah Goals

As the celebration moved into the ballroom, guests were greeted with an atmosphere of refined beauty. The ballroom was transformed into a vision of sophistication, carefully curated to complement the scenic design elements. Sparkling candles adorned every corner, casting a warm glow that added an extra touch of enchantment to the evening. The combination of natural elements and gentle lighting created a truly magical ambiance, setting the stage for a night to remember.


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Throughout the celebration, the guests' culinary experience was meticulously taken care of by kosher caterer Ben Tenenblat and his team. From the New York station during the reception, which offered a variety of delectable delights, to the thoughtfully curated three-course meal served inside the ballroom, every detail was crafted to perfection. The blend of flavours, exquisite presentation, and attentive service ensured that the culinary journey matched the overall grandeur of the occasion.

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To preserve the precious memories of this extraordinary day, the couple wisely chose the talented Alexandra Wysocki and Denee Motion to capture the essence of the wedding through their lenses. Their expertise in documenting beautiful love stories ensured that every joyous moment, heartfelt emotion, and genuine laughter was captured for eternity. The newlyweds can now look back on their special day and relive those cherished memories, thanks to the remarkable work of these skilled photographers and videographers.

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The wedding at Rosewood London was a true celebration of love, filled with laughter and surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. From the carefully curated design elements to the stunning chuppah, the elegant ballroom, the delectable cuisine, and the highly skilled team, every aspect came together to create a magical experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. It was a day that exemplified the beauty of love and the joy of coming together, leaving a lasting impression on all those who were fortunate enough to be a part of it.

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